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What is The Climb Membership?

The Climb Membership is a carefully curated virtual six-month program designed to give women around the world the tools, support and confidence to climb the corporate ladder.

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The Climb

Are you ready to learn the powerful secrets successful women use to work their way up the corporate ladder and enjoy thriving careers? Then, you're in good hands with us! 

 At Girls Talk London, we have dedicated the past nine years to supporting thousands of women globally in their career development through mentoring programmes and curated events. 

 Our climb membership combines all our insight, knowledge, and expertise into an in-depth virtual sixth-month program led by our founder Vanessa Sanyauke to offer you the confidence to take your career to the next level. 

Join Climbers from places such as the US, UK, Africa + more!

70% of the members of the 2021 cohort received promotions at the end of the program

Get to know Vanessa

 Hi, I'm Vanessa Sanyauke, the Founder and CEO of Girls Talk London. 

 Since starting Girls Talk London in 2013, I've been on a mission to support women to secure Senior Leadership positions in the workplace. Through my experience, I could see that the ambition and drive were there, but there were barriers to overcome. 

 Through learning, resources, tools and community, Girls Talk London supports women in overcoming said barriers, allowing them to achieve their career goals. 

 Thanks to a career in Diversity and Inclusion, I have had the privilege to directly support thousands of people worldwide with career progression through mentorship, training, and an inclusive community.

 The Climb Membership allows me to deepen my commitment to women in the workplace from all over the world as I pour all my insights, tools, and resources into this comprehensive program. 

 Whether you lack confidence, feel stagnant in your current role, or are keen to progress, this program is for you. I'll take you on a journey of self-discovery that will enable you to elevate your career and move into the position where you truly belong. 

 In a nutshell, we're all about taking up space in the workplace, wherever you are! So, join the movement and let your light shine bright! 

The Receipts 

 Don't just take my word for it; here's what some of the 2021 Climb Membership alumnae have to say about the programme 



What you'll get for your investment

  • A six-month curated programme that will help you develop the tools and skills you need to climb the corporate ladder. 

  • Monthly masterclass webinars led by our CEO and founder, Vanessa, featuring guest speakers and facilitators. 

  • Access to our community of fellow “Climbers” on the mighty networks app & private Linkedin group to share resources, support each other and problem solve barriers

  • Free access to the Climb summit virtual event in 2023

  • A course handbook and welcome box 

  • Monthly group check-in and Q&A with Vanessa to deep dive into the monthly topic. 

  • Access to bi-weekly emails curated to support further learning & development.

  • A graduation ceremony in March 2023 

Program outline 

Level 1: Life and Career audit  

Level 2: Curating Your Winning Team  

Level 3: Developing Leadership and Mindset Skills  

Level 4: Personal Branding  

Level 5: Negotiating Your Terms 


The Investment 

Our Climb Membership requires an investment of £75 per month, totalling £450 for the complete program. 

This is the cheapest it will ever be! 

The Small Print: Please note that our Climb Membership requires a 6-month commitment; Lifetime access to the Girls Talk London community is only offered to members who complete the entire six-month program.

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Is this open only to women? 

Yes, this programme is for individuals who identify as women because we have expertise in understanding women's barriers and challenges in the workplace. Therefore, the programme is specifically curated to overcome these challenges and obstacles. 

 Can I join if I live outside the UK? 

Absolutely we have "Climbers" from all over the world. We try our best to cater to our main time zones for the live webinars and monthly Q&A check-ins, which will be in the evening UK time, around 7 pm. In addition, our webinars and monthly check-ins will be recorded and uploaded to our private community to accommodate all members.

 What if I want to cancel my membership? 

The Climb Membership is a 6 month programme that cannot be cancelled early. However, if you are ill or injured or there are other extenuating circumstances that affect your ability to complete the programme please let us know and we can consider your options.

Are the masterclasses live? 

Yes, the webinars and monthly check-ins are live. However, recordings will be accessible in our private community.

 What if I miss a session? 

You can access the recordings in our private community.

 Is there an age limit?

Nope, we recommend that you are at least over the age of 18, though! 

Is it strictly only for women who are employed? 

Not strictly as anyone can benefit from the principles and the Girls Talk London community. However, you may see a delay in the impact if you cannot implement the lessons in a workplace setting, so please bear this in mind when signing up

 When does the programme begin and end?

The program kicks off 19th September 2022 and runs until March 2023. 

 Can I join mid-way?

Sadly no, as the programme is based on fundamentals and a success path, you would need to begin from the beginning to gain the full benefits.  

Can I stay in the community afterwards? 

Yes, once you complete the programme, you can remain in the community for as long as you wish! 

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