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What is The Climb Membership?

The Climb Membership is
a 6 month programme which gives women the tools, support and confidence to take your career to the next level
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Learn the powerful secrets successful women are using to climb the corporate ladder in the workplace and grow their career. 

At Girls Talk London we have dedicated the past 9 years to supporting thousands of women to climb the corporate ladder and develop their careers through mentoring programmes and curated events. 

The Climb membership combines all of our insight, knowledge and expertise into a 6 month programme led by our Founder Vanessa Sanyauke which will give you the tools, support and confidence to take your career to the next level. 

Check out the launch webinar where we shared insights on the five level success path


Hi i’m Vanessa Sanyauke, the Founder and CEO of Girls Talk London.
When I started Girls Talk London 9 years ago, my ambition was to support women to secure Senior Leadership positions in the workplace. I knew that the ambition and drive was there but some of the barriers included knowledge, tools, resources and community.
Through my career in Diversity and Inclusion I have had the privilege to directly support thousands of people across the world with progressing in their careers through mentorship, training and a supportive community.
I want to deepen my commitment to women in the workplace through taking all of my insights, tools and resources to curate a six month programme for women who may feel they are stuck in their careers and want to go on a journey to rediscovering themselves and learning how to elevate their career to move into the position where they belong.

The tools and resources I will be sharing have not only worked for the women I have supported previously but for myself too. 

We all deserve so much more and whatever we desire.

If you are someone who desires to climb the corporate ladder, grow and develop your skills or move up to the next level in your career then this is the programme for you!

Scroll down to find out more about how to become a Founding Member. 

Your Tribe is waiting to help you CLIMB!


All Members receive:

  • Six month curated programme to help women develop the tools and skills to progress in their careers and climb the corporate ladder
  • Monthly masterclass webinars led by Vanessa Sanyauke, CEO of Girls Talk London on curated topics such as leadership, negotiation, personal branding and career planning + more
  • Monthly Group Check-in and Q&A with Vanessa Sanyauke to deep dive into the topic of the month
  • Access to weekly curated emails on the theme of the month with recommended podcasts, books, blogs and YouTube videos
  • Graduation ceremony at the end of the course
  • Access to private community where you can post, connect with other members, share challenges, resources and learn from each other and permanent access to this forum (Subject to completing the full 6 months, members who do not complete the 6 months will not have permanent access to the network) 

What is included in the programme and the outline? 

The September intake has officially closed. Click herto join the waitlist 

Level 1: Life and career audit 

Level 2: Understanding how to curate your winning team 

Level 3: Developing the Leadership mindset and skills

Level 4: Personal Branding 

Level 5: Negotiating your terms 


Who is the membership for?
Q1. Do you have specific career goals you’d like to achieve and are looking for expert advice to help you curate your career roadmap to achieve them?
Q2. Do you have a desire to get a promotion in your workplace in the next 12 months and are eager to understand and develop the core skills and moves you need to implement in order to be successful?
Q3. Want to get ready for a more Senior role with more responsibility and are open to whether this is in your current workplace or a new opportunity?
Q4. Want to develop leadership skills, build your network and grow in confidence to progress in your career?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then the Climb Membership is for you!

How much is it?
For our Founding Members only launch

The cost is $20.99/£15 per month. This will be the lowest price the programme will ever be. Sadly doors are now closed!

We have been featured and contributed to career development articles for women in...


Is this open only to women? 

Yes, this programme is curated for individuals who identify as women. This is because we have expertise in understanding the barriers and challenges women face in the workplace and the programme is specifically curated for this purpose.

Can I join if I live outside the UK? 

Absolutely, this programme is global. We try our best to cater to our main timezones for the live webinars and monthly Q&A check in’s which will be in the evening UK time around 7pm. However, all webinars and monthly check ins will be recorded and uploaded onto our private community.

What if I want to cancel my membership? 

We would encourage you to complete the course to get the full benefits. However, if you do wish to cancel then you would need to give one month notification and we do not refund for previous months use of our community and programme material.

Are the masterclasses live? 

Yes the webinars and monthly check in's are live, however they will be recorded and accessible in our private community

What if I miss a session? 

You can access the recordings on our private community

Is their an age limit?
Nope, we recommend that you are at least over the ages of 18 though!

Is it strictly only for women who are employed? 

Not strictly as anyone can benefit from the principles and community we are curating. However, you may see a delay in the impact if you cannot implement the lessons in a workplace setting so please bare this in mind when signing up

When does the programme begin and end?
The Founding Members launch programme runs from September 2021 to March 2022

Can I join mid-way?
Sadly No, as the programme is based on fundamentals and a success path you would need to begin from the beginning to gain the full benefits. 

Can I stay in the community afterwards? 

Yes, once you complete the programme you can remain in the community for as long as you wish! 

Register here to be notified of when our doors open again in 2022!

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